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Best Skin Color Tones For Billboards


We all know that a billboard ad is an effective way of reaching out to people in promoting a product, service or an advocacy given the right budget. But when selecting a model to represent your company, would skin tone matter? And how important is it? Is there a specific skin tone that is superior to the other in terms of conveying your message?

To say that there is a superior skin tone is opening that sensitive topic on colorism, a type of discrimination where lighter skinned people are preferred than those with a darker skin. It is unfortunate but the reality is, this is still happening. Media is so powerful that it can affect people’s thoughts, views and reactions. Therefore this power shouldn’t be abused or used negatively because whether we like it or not, it can affect how people perceive beauty and it can affect one’s body image. Which is not a good thing for people’s images of themselves.

Billboards can be effective regardless of what the skin color tones of the model is. The important thing is that you create an ad that can captivate your target audience. For it to be effective you have to think about where you can strategically put it up so more people can see it. It also has to be engaging and memorable because these people will only have a few minutes to view this so it is important that you are able to relay your message in such a short amount of time. So something really eye catching. It all starts with a good concept and a good layout and everything will just fall into place. Whether you choose a light-skinned or a dark-skinned model should depend on its appropriateness to the campaign and not because of its superiority and its ability to sell.

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