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Advertising Supplements On Billboards


People’s lifestyle and eating habits change. Unfortunately, not all the recommended vitamins, minerals and nutrients are met due to several reasons. Because of this, several health supplements are created and are made available for anyone.

There are several ways of effectively advertising health supplements. One is in the local gyms and fitness center. Gyms and fitness centers are where health conscious people hang out and they are the best people to introduce the supplements to and the performance benefits they could get from supplements that get you ripped. Hospitals and physiotherapy centers are other great places to consider in adverting your product. You can also consider working with medical representatives or dietitians so they could make the recommendation to their customers. And of course, the media. TV ads can target millions of potential customers and you can target those who hardly read the print materials like newspaper and magazines. Using billboards can also increase awareness because of its size, this is one ad that someone hardly misses.

Billboards are huge. But its size is not the only reason why this type of ad is effective.

  • It is cost effective. Its cost is 80% less than that of a TV ad.
  • It’s free for the customers. They don’t have to purchase any subscription for cable TV or a magazine.
  • Most of the people spend their time inside their vehicle going from one place to another instead of sitting down and watching the news.
  • You are able to reach your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The exposure is constant. And if your billboard is strategically located then you will be able to reach as many customers as you can.
  • Recall is created by constant repetition. If people pass by the highway every day and see your ad then they will most likely remember the product that you are selling.
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