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Month: October 2016

What Makes A Great Parenting Advertising Billboard?

Parenting billboard

Advertising, including billboard advertising, can be powerful. We all see billboards every day on the way to and from work. Especially when we are stuck in traffic, we get bored and star at these things. Not sure about you, but I can memorize quite a few of the billboards on the way to my work. That’s probably because I have read them over 200 times each. They don’t seem to change very often where I live. Not sure if this is as common in other areas. Whether billboard advertisements are done correctly or abused, they create a big impact on us.

Billboard advertising is one of the most powerful way of reaching out to the consumers since the ad is visible pretty much 24 hours a day. And because most people are always on the move and commuting, it can be an effective way of creating product recognition, brand recall and communicating messages. Billboards are put up in public places like the major road, where people are often seen passing by. A great parenting billboard ad can get the message across in a short period of time. It may be a little tough especially if the message that you want to get across is a little complex but keep in mind that less is more.

In lieu of using words in the ad, you can also get creative with it. It doesn’t have to be just a simple and flat print. You can experiment with 3D images, moving parts and animations. You have to remember that these people will only pass by this road or highway in sometimes less than a minute. You don’t want your billboards to be boring and forgettable because your ad will only end up being ignored. So what makes a great parenting advertising billboard?

The ad should be socially responsible, reinforcing positive parenting behavior. They should always stay away from violence or anything that supports unacceptable behavior. In creating parenting ads with babies, diapers, and all things similar, one must remember that it shouldn’t be something that portray people in a manner where it would cause hostility or ridicule. These billboard advertisements should be uplifting, have a strong positive message, with families looking healthy and happy because parenting enough is a big responsibility. Quite often it is not as easy as it looks. It can be very difficult but is also extremely rewarding and life changing – in a good way! Parenting is not something that should not be treated lightly.