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Month: May 2016

Sell Skin Care Products On Billboards With These Tips

Skin cream

Selling skin care products through outdoor advertising may be a tough nut to crack. Not only will you be tempted to expose some skin, literally and figuratively, but you need to stand out to get the attention of your target audience. With a diverse public that can view your billboard, how do you pick out the sector that will really spend some bucks on your product?

Promote a Cause

Promoting a cause is a method to make your brand endearing to your consumers. Dove is known as a brand that has used billboards all over the world in advancing real beauty among women. It used ordinary women, rather than professional models, to change the perspective of the world when it comes to beauty. One of their campaigns was presented like a survey to see how people look at beauty from their point-of-view. Another campaign encouraged women to submit their photos that “show off” their skin to get an opportunity to be featured in its billboards.

Engage the Audience

Interactive billboards have also caught the attention of the commuting public. Burt Bee’s demonstrated the positive effects of its product by allowing passers-by to peel off a portion of the billboard, which also doubles as a coupon. The benefits are two-fold: the public get to enjoy this fun exercise and claim a free product to try out. The billboard also showed a “before and after” image, something that can be achieved if one uses Burt Bee’s skin care products. Similarly, a bus-stop ad in Australia dispenses sunscreen from its billboard, allowing commuters to nearby beaches to put on the product on their skin.

Creative Execution

Getting people to actually use the product through a billboard is a huge challenge. But Nivea Sun did something different that called people to action. It custom-made a handcrafted billboard with the use of materials from the sea and placed it on the seabed that can become an artificial reef. It bore one single statement – “Protect Your Back” – which was to remind snorkelers of an important thing they need to do before they hit the sea.

Of course, skin care products that use billboards are also not without controversies. It is, therefore, important to think of a really good concept, craft a beautifully-worded statement, and execute it well.