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Month: November 2015

Should Billboards Show “Real World” Body Images Or Continue With Model Like Body Figures


It is important for billboards to be eye catching and memorable. This is because billboards are often put up in a location where traffic is high and people (and vehicles) are moving fast. In order for billboard ads to be noticeable, oftentimes women and men with model-like figures are asked to pose in an ad. The big question is, why hire a model when you can ask women with real body images to pose instead? Wouldn’t that be more realistic?

The fact is, these almost perfect bodies free of fat, stretch marks scarring, pimples, or any other imperfection, are basically created and altered through technology. There are several software packages used to achieve perfection so what you are seeing may not exactly be what the real image looks like. In a way, a false perception is created to trick the mind. Little did we know that all of these have a negative effect on consumer’s body image. Each day both men and women struggle at wanting to look more and more like the model they see in the ad.

Choosing to show women with real world body images can be a big risk. However, by showing real men or women in the billboard ad there is a chance that companies will be able to relate more to their target market. It also sends a positive message to the consumers to embrace their imperfections because it is who they are. It doesn’t matter if they have stretch marks or freckles or if they are voluptuous. All these make them who they are and they should accept it instead of struggling to become someone they are not.

Billboard ads are not just there to sell a product. It is also mean to make a statement. This power should be used appropriately and not abuse them.