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Does Sex Sell on Billboards?

Does sex sell?

Let’s face it. Sex sells. It’s not even a question. If you look around you, you will see that some companies use sex or anything with sexual innuendos to sell their products, regardless if it is a TV ad or a billboard ad. Most often this results to higher sales. Why is it effective? Why does it sell?

Billboards are huge structures that you often see on the highway. Because it is such a busy area, if you decide to advertise your product, you want your ad to be memorable and captivating. This is where sex plays a role, especially when the female body and bust is involved. Scantily-clad women or men often gets noticed first and it is embedded in their memory. This would then get associated with the brand and people would have a recall of what it is and what it does. Eventually this will translate to sales and a profit for the company.

While this may be a great campaign and revenue for some, many of us do not realize that this is hurting us especially the women. It is because of these ads that women ended up being seen as a sex object and it can be downright degrading.

Although some may benefit from using sexual images in an ad, there are other people who may get turned off by it. Some may feel that the use of sexual innuendos are not really necessary if for example you are selling a sofa or a baseball bat. At one point people may even feel tricked especially if the product is short of the quality that is expected. Then it will be challenging for the advertisers and companies to bring back the trust that was broken.

Using sex as an advertising tool will probably not go away. Depending on the laws in each country, it might even be more flagrant each year. Who knows? But companies and advertisers should keep in mind that this should never be abused.

What Makes A Great Parenting Advertising Billboard?

Parenting billboard

Advertising, including billboard advertising, can be powerful. We all see billboards every day on the way to and from work. Especially when we are stuck in traffic, we get bored and star at these things. Not sure about you, but I can memorize quite a few of the billboards on the way to my work. That’s probably because I have read them over 200 times each. They don’t seem to change very often where I live. Not sure if this is as common in other areas. Whether billboard advertisements are done correctly or abused, they create a big impact on us.

Billboard advertising is one of the most powerful way of reaching out to the consumers since the ad is visible pretty much 24 hours a day. And because most people are always on the move and commuting, it can be an effective way of creating product recognition, brand recall and communicating messages. Billboards are put up in public places like the major road, where people are often seen passing by. A great parenting billboard ad can get the message across in a short period of time. It may be a little tough especially if the message that you want to get across is a little complex but keep in mind that less is more.

In lieu of using words in the ad, you can also get creative with it. It doesn’t have to be just a simple and flat print. You can experiment with 3D images, moving parts and animations. You have to remember that these people will only pass by this road or highway in sometimes less than a minute. You don’t want your billboards to be boring and forgettable because your ad will only end up being ignored. So what makes a great parenting advertising billboard?

The ad should be socially responsible, reinforcing positive parenting behavior. They should always stay away from violence or anything that supports unacceptable behavior. In creating parenting ads with babies, diapers, and all things similar, one must remember that it shouldn’t be something that portray people in a manner where it would cause hostility or ridicule. These billboard advertisements should be uplifting, have a strong positive message, with families looking healthy and happy because parenting enough is a big responsibility. Quite often it is not as easy as it looks. It can be very difficult but is also extremely rewarding and life changing – in a good way! Parenting is not something that should not be treated lightly.

Best Skin Color Tones For Billboards


We all know that a billboard ad is an effective way of reaching out to people in promoting a product, service or an advocacy given the right budget. But when selecting a model to represent your company, would skin tone matter? And how important is it? Is there a specific skin tone that is superior to the other in terms of conveying your message?

To say that there is a superior skin tone is opening that sensitive topic on colorism, a type of discrimination where lighter skinned people are preferred than those with a darker skin. It is unfortunate but the reality is, this is still happening. Media is so powerful that it can affect people’s thoughts, views and reactions. Therefore this power shouldn’t be abused or used negatively because whether we like it or not, it can affect how people perceive beauty and it can affect one’s body image. Which is not a good thing for people’s images of themselves.

Billboards can be effective regardless of what the skin color tones of the model is. The important thing is that you create an ad that can captivate your target audience. For it to be effective you have to think about where you can strategically put it up so more people can see it. It also has to be engaging and memorable because these people will only have a few minutes to view this so it is important that you are able to relay your message in such a short amount of time. So something really eye catching. It all starts with a good concept and a good layout and everything will just fall into place. Whether you choose a light-skinned or a dark-skinned model should depend on its appropriateness to the campaign and not because of its superiority and its ability to sell.

Sell Skin Care Products On Billboards With These Tips

Skin cream

Selling skin care products through outdoor advertising may be a tough nut to crack. Not only will you be tempted to expose some skin, literally and figuratively, but you need to stand out to get the attention of your target audience. With a diverse public that can view your billboard, how do you pick out the sector that will really spend some bucks on your product?

Promote a Cause

Promoting a cause is a method to make your brand endearing to your consumers. Dove is known as a brand that has used billboards all over the world in advancing real beauty among women. It used ordinary women, rather than professional models, to change the perspective of the world when it comes to beauty. One of their campaigns was presented like a survey to see how people look at beauty from their point-of-view. Another campaign encouraged women to submit their photos that “show off” their skin to get an opportunity to be featured in its billboards.

Engage the Audience

Interactive billboards have also caught the attention of the commuting public. Burt Bee’s demonstrated the positive effects of its product by allowing passers-by to peel off a portion of the billboard, which also doubles as a coupon. The benefits are two-fold: the public get to enjoy this fun exercise and claim a free product to try out. The billboard also showed a “before and after” image, something that can be achieved if one uses Burt Bee’s skin care products. Similarly, a bus-stop ad in Australia dispenses sunscreen from its billboard, allowing commuters to nearby beaches to put on the product on their skin.

Creative Execution

Getting people to actually use the product through a billboard is a huge challenge. But Nivea Sun did something different that called people to action. It custom-made a handcrafted billboard with the use of materials from the sea and placed it on the seabed that can become an artificial reef. It bore one single statement – “Protect Your Back” – which was to remind snorkelers of an important thing they need to do before they hit the sea.

Of course, skin care products that use billboards are also not without controversies. It is, therefore, important to think of a really good concept, craft a beautifully-worded statement, and execute it well.

Advertising Supplements On Billboards


People’s lifestyle and eating habits change. Unfortunately, not all the recommended vitamins, minerals and nutrients are met due to several reasons. Because of this, several health supplements are created and are made available for anyone.

There are several ways of effectively advertising health supplements. One is in the local gyms and fitness center. Gyms and fitness centers are where health conscious people hang out and they are the best people to introduce the supplements to and the performance benefits they could get from supplements that get you ripped. Hospitals and physiotherapy centers are other great places to consider in adverting your product. You can also consider working with medical representatives or dietitians so they could make the recommendation to their customers. And of course, the media. TV ads can target millions of potential customers and you can target those who hardly read the print materials like newspaper and magazines. Using billboards can also increase awareness because of its size, this is one ad that someone hardly misses.

Billboards are huge. But its size is not the only reason why this type of ad is effective.

  • It is cost effective. Its cost is 80% less than that of a TV ad.
  • It’s free for the customers. They don’t have to purchase any subscription for cable TV or a magazine.
  • Most of the people spend their time inside their vehicle going from one place to another instead of sitting down and watching the news.
  • You are able to reach your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The exposure is constant. And if your billboard is strategically located then you will be able to reach as many customers as you can.
  • Recall is created by constant repetition. If people pass by the highway every day and see your ad then they will most likely remember the product that you are selling.

Why We Should Be Showing Plus Size Models On Billboards And Other Media


There are certain standards that are prevalent in advertising, media, and the fashion industry – and those standards are thin, tall, and unattainable for most people throughout the world. Very few become models, and very few are as thin and lanky as the faces present on every billboard, television show, and fashion magazine. However, those models don’t represent how the average person looks in the slightest, which is why more and more companies have begun changing up their modeling standards. Average-size individuals, and even plus-size people, have been popping up in modeling campaigns in recent months – and this is a positive change. Here’s why plus-size models should be more prevalent.

“Plus-Size” Doesn’t Mean Overweight

As plus-size model Alex LaRosa told the Huffington Post, any model who wear a size 8 or larger is deemed “plus size.” However, as LaRosa points out, most individuals in the world wear a size 8 or larger – and their clothing isn’t labeled with such a categorization. Plus-size does not mean overweight. In fact, plus-size clothing doesn’t begin until size 16. So, the “larger” models that are presented as “plus-size” are merely normal, and more relatable to the population of consumers. Using larger, more average models in advertisements and media helps others to see what normal individuals look like, and sets more realistic expectations.

It Helps People Accept Their Physical Appearance

Countless individuals go to great lengths to change their physical shape, size, and appearance in an effort to look more like the unrealistic models typically promoted internationally. Because thin is the most common model variety, the rest of the world attempts to live up to and achieve that same standard – the thigh gap, the visible hip bones, the slim and slender face. However, if more realistic and plus-size models are used, the definition of what body type is best changes. Rather than working hard and going to great lengths to change, individuals can see how they are already great enough to be like those plus-size models. A more varied group of models would help the world accept its many different body types.

More Diversity Means More Acceptance

As researchers have discovered, the presence of more diverse bodies and appearances in the media, advertising, and other outlets helps others become more comfortable with diversity in their daily life. Seeing plus-size, thin, and even other types of models leads others to welcome and embrace not just their own appearance, but those of others as well. Instead of first noting the differences or flaws in others compared to the all-popular images of models, consumers can see the positive aspects of bodies and individuals different from themselves.

Should Billboards Show “Real World” Body Images Or Continue With Model Like Body Figures


It is important for billboards to be eye catching and memorable. This is because billboards are often put up in a location where traffic is high and people (and vehicles) are moving fast. In order for billboard ads to be noticeable, oftentimes women and men with model-like figures are asked to pose in an ad. The big question is, why hire a model when you can ask women with real body images to pose instead? Wouldn’t that be more realistic?

The fact is, these almost perfect bodies free of fat, stretch marks scarring, pimples, or any other imperfection, are basically created and altered through technology. There are several software packages used to achieve perfection so what you are seeing may not exactly be what the real image looks like. In a way, a false perception is created to trick the mind. Little did we know that all of these have a negative effect on consumer’s body image. Each day both men and women struggle at wanting to look more and more like the model they see in the ad.

Choosing to show women with real world body images can be a big risk. However, by showing real men or women in the billboard ad there is a chance that companies will be able to relate more to their target market. It also sends a positive message to the consumers to embrace their imperfections because it is who they are. It doesn’t matter if they have stretch marks or freckles or if they are voluptuous. All these make them who they are and they should accept it instead of struggling to become someone they are not.

Billboard ads are not just there to sell a product. It is also mean to make a statement. This power should be used appropriately and not abuse them.

How To Sell Weight Loss Products on a Billboard


Billboards are structures that you can often see on busy roads or high traffic areas. They play a big part in advertising and product awareness and we all know that increasing product awareness can also increase your sales and profits. Because of its size, billboards are able to catch someone else’s attention as they drive or walk past by and leave a lasting impression, making the person think about the ad after seeing it. With billboards, you can pretty much promote anything from bags, shoes, restaurant and even weight loss products such as diets, weight loss shakes, and even weight loss surgery.

With the increasing percentage of obesity rate in the country, a lot of people want to lose weight and perhaps the easiest way to go is by purchasing weight loss products. If you are to put your products out there, billboard advertising can be cost effective and you will be able to reach out to more people. The best way to sell your product on a billboard is by creating one that is effective and long lasting.

How to do it?

Create a memorable tagline. People pass through a billboard ad quickly so they have very little time to read everything. Your tagline should identify your company and the product you are selling. It should be brief and catchy.

Use the right photos. Most often, people driving past the billboards will focus on the images rather than the text. The photos you use should leave a big impact. Choose the right model and convey the right message through the images you put up.

Pick the right location. Location is everything whether you are putting up your business or placing an ad. You would want your billboards to be at a place where your target audience is. You can put it up along one of the main highways of the community or in an area where your company has difficulty reaching.